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1 Dec

School Readiness Program

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Summary points from the article

We have many discussions and read advertising proclaiming a school readiness program. This can lead to us to become very confused and develop a desire for our child to have skills that we believe are a must for school. Early Childhood Australia has published a wonderful document highlighting the skills needed for the best school start.

Our Early childhood program at St Luke’s promote these skills and many more to ensure your child is receiving the best program for formal schooling;

- Social skills to support children to:

    • Positively approach other children and make friends;
    • participate in play;
    • express emotions and deal with conflict appropriately;
    • show interest in others and form friendships;
    • express their needs and wants appropriately;
    • Separate from parents or primary carers;
    • take turns in games and activities;
    • Share toys and equipment;
    • follow some directions and understand some rules;
    • participate in groups; and
    • cope with transitions between routines and experiences.

-Cognitive skills to support children to:

    • show natural curiosity and interest in learning new things;
    • have confidence in learning; and be interested in solving problems.

-Language skills to support children to:

    • use language to ask questions and communicate their thoughts and ideas;
    • listen to others; and enjoy books and being read to.

-Independence and life skills to support children to:

    • cope with a small amount of supervision in a variety of situations;
    • Toilet and dress themselves independently;
    • unpack their lunch box and use a drink bottle; and
    • Deal with a structured environment.

-Physical skills to support children to:

    • use pencils, crayons, textas and scissors; and
    • Balance, run, jump, and use equipment such as balls and climbing apparatus.

You can help your child this term by helping them build independence and taking responsibility for their own belongings. If you aren't already doing it now is a great time to start encouraging your child to carry their own bag in and out of preschool. It’s also a great skill for them to be able to unpack their morning tea, lunch box, drink bottle and hat before placing their bag in their own locker. In the afternoon, encourage your child to pack up their belongings in their bag and carry it out. We know this can take longer, especially when you’re in a rush, but even small tasks such as these are helping them to develop life-long skills and are helping to better prepare them for the step into primary school.


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