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By Julie Irving

During term 1 & 2 this year the children had been busy designing the new water play areas. The process took many weeks for the designers to get the design the children had hoped for. The children and staff couldn’t have been more excited to unveil the water features during week 1 of this term and start using them. I have noticed so many of the children asking their parents to come and see.

Natural learning environments give children endless opportunities to wonder, explore and question their theories of how things work in the world. Our water features are providing children with learning experiences beyond any resources or lesson we could have provided. We have observed many skills the children are using in these areas. These include negotiation skills, turn taking, and communication, sharing ideas, enjoyment, success, problem solving, mathematical concepts and questioning science through experiments. Have you seen the children fishing or organising the pipes to flow into the sandpit?

Water Pump

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