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24 Aug

Package Food Weeks
By Victoria Shaw

Currently at Preschool we are looking at ways to reduce, reuse and recycle at meal times as well as look at healthy eating. This past week we have encouraged families to send food in containers that can be reused rather than sending the food in cling wrap and packaging. We have had many families participate in this with us, that has helped us engage in discussions with the children about what can be recycled and ways in which we can have less rubbish in our environment. One of our families has provided us with a few websites that they have used to get wrappings for foods that can be reused over and over again as well as a site that has been helpful in selling utensils to make fruit and vegetable kebabs and food cutters.

For some lunch box ideas check out Wrapabees and The Bento Buzz

If you have any great lunch box ideas or recipes you would like to share, we would love to share your suggestions, please send these through to the office so we can share this ideas with other families.


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