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Noah's Vege Patch
By Eliza Batten

Helping to care for the gardens is a much loved experience at St Luke’s Preschool. The children take great delight in planting new seeds and seedlings and helping to care for them. They display a great respect for the natural world and a sense of responsibility towards it.

Watermelon Skin

Today Noah brought a watermelon to preschool that he had grown with his family! The children were excited to learn from Noah about how watermelons grow from seeds and develop on vines. He also taught us how to tell when they are ripe and ready to eat. Noah explained “when the leaves are brown and shrivelled up and the skin is yellow and green you can pick it”. Noah then let us all have a taste test. As we ate it, we found lots of seeds that we can plant to grow new watermelon plants. We’re excited to experiment and see if we can grow some vines, like Noah.

Thanks for sharing your skills with us Noah!


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