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26 May

Learning Update Term 2
By Julie Irving

This term at preschool your children have been involved in many learning experiences focusing on gross and fine motor skills.

Have you seen your child develop in skills over the term? They could show you through;

Simple gross motor experiences such as running, balancing, practicing their ball skills. All of these assist a children with developing confidence, strength and coordination.

  • Attempting and practicing swinging.
  • The training wheels might have been removed on your child's bike.
  • Ball skills are increasing as they play catch, kicking and participate in team sports.
  • Dancing to the beat and following instructions, promotes so many rich skills like body awareness, following tasks and listening skills.

All these skills are essential for your child’s wellbeing and development. At preschool we are very blessed with a huge outdoor environment. The teacher’s ensure every child has many opportunities to participate in rich gross motor experiences every day at preschool.

St Luke’s preschool educators acknowledge fine motor skills are critical elements for the formal school years. At preschool we ensure every child is progressing in practicing fundamental fine motor skill experiences. All your children are at different levels so we cater for individual needs in every experience. Being able to write your name is just one area of fine motor development. The process work to promote fine muscle development alongside hand eye coordination takes time and practice. The process is just as important as the final product.

We facilitate learning through;

  • Drawing using a range of different media such as, textas, pencils, crayons, paint and charcoal.
  • Children have a huge range of construction to manipulate and create with each day. Construction usage promotes the development of your child’s strength and control.
  • Your children love to bead so each day this term we are offering a range of different beads big and small to use.
  • Each day the children have access to many resources that develop your child’s fine motor skills. The favourite at the moment is mastering using the sticky tape. We have many pros at the preschool.

I have only listed a few in each area that your child is involved in each day. Please chat to your teachers if you would like further ideas for your child to continue to develop in these areas.

Can I add that the outdoors have the most rich inviting endless resources for your child to enjoy while developing. Next time you are at the park ask your child to show you ‘how they swing to the clouds’ or take a ball and ask your child to make up the rules to a ball game or my favourite is to collect sticks count them, line them from smallest to largest and some of your children would love to show you how they can do mathematical subtraction and addition. Happy engaging in learning together..

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