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Our program for learning - Term 4
By Julie Irving

Wow! It’s crazy to think that Term 4 is almost here.
It is sad for us to have only one term left with some of you. We are all very thankful for you all of our wonderful families and thank you for entrusting us with your beautiful children.

Term 3 has provided so many rich learning experiences for your children. Some of the highlights have been our book week, watching the chicken’s hatch and deepening our relationships with each other. Our curriculum focus for term 3 provided experiences in foundational learning areas such as literacy and mathematical concepts. I hope you enjoyed your child’s term 3 learning email which focused on these areas?

Term 4 learning experiences will provide individualised children with skills for kindergarten or returning to preschool in 2017. Please chat to your teacher regarding school orientation if you have any concerns. These times can be very stressful for your child, yourself and your family. We would love to help in any way we can. You are welcome to bring your child after orientation or pick up early depending on the time. Local schools will ask our teachers for a transition to school form to be completed. We will complete the required documents and attached our midyear learning summary of your child for them.

Throughout term 4 we will be offering many opportunities for your child to develop and practice skills required for formal schooling or returning to preschool.

At Preschool we will be providing experiences and supporting your child’s learning through many experiences.

A summary of how we will facilitate this learning is as follows;

  • The team will provide opportunity for your child to develop resilience, self-help skills and confidence to speak up when in need.
  • The children will discuss and share the fears, excitement and concerns around school.
  • Each child will be involved in learning around playground conflict while practicing scenarios through role modelling in dramatic play around questions such as ‘what would you do if?”

Our program will provide experiences in:

  • Scientific concepts such as floating, sinking and how to balance or build a tower.
  • Mathematical concepts will be deepened through methods such as counting, subtracting and multiplication as well as additions.
  • Children will be provided to further develop literacy skills through being taught new words, assistance in writing and spelling, retelling stories and letter/word games.

If you would like to assist us in any project work this term please see the teachers.

The topics can be your interest or your child’s. We have in the past had parents conducting cooking lessons, knitting and gardening.

Examples of ways you may see this facilitated in the preschool

  • A game of I spy
  • Copying words and letters using whiteboards, and magnetic letters. Children will start to form words and then copy them.
  • Lots of rhyming and letter sound experiences.
  • We encourage children to participate in imaginary stories and retell them.
  • Colour recognition and shape recalling.

At home you can support your child’s learning through

  • We have a set of home readers if your child would like to start taking them home,
  • Play I spy
  • Practice drawing and writing
  • Read stories and retell the story or change the ending
  • At bath time explore scientific concepts by experimenting with which toys sink and which ones float
  • Give your child the skills and language to begin to resolve conflict and respond to challenges themselves
  • Pose a problem and ask your child to come up with different ways to solve the problem

We hope have a wonderful term 4

Julie Irving
Teacher / Director

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